The idea for Trendsetters came about in 1993 when two 4th grade students at Eisenhower Elementary School witnessed a drive-by shooting in their neighborhood. Unable to rally much adult help, students began searching for ways to solve this and other problems affecting their community. Trendsetters was developed to offer an ongoing relationship with caring adults, true service learning experiences and character building in a positive environment.

Research has shown that students thrive when they feel connected to their schools and community. Youth also demonstrate limitless enthusiasm when they are given meaningful roles in problem solving, solution seeking and service.

Positive youth development requires a community wide effort. You can join with teachers, community members and youth for trendsetting results.

Since 1998, Trendsetters through Education has been facilitating positive youth development within Arizona. Trendsetters, a nonprofit organization, is unique in several ways:

  • Trendsetters club members research and select their own community service and learning projects
  • Club meetings and projects are led by elected youth officers with teachers and caring adults serving as facilitators
  • Club meetings are held on campus or other places where youth gather to make membership accessible to a diverse group of students
  • The Trendsetters concept is based on scientific research that answers the question, "What do kids need to succeed?"

The Trendsetters through Education foundation provides curriculum, training and additional resources that support teachers and caring adults as they create and sustain Trendsetters clubs. This model also allows club members and facilitators to personalize their activities by incorporating their own interests, talents and community needs.