What People Are Saying About Trendsetters:

“Trendsetters is unique because it engages youth in community service projects that they deem important. It’s amazing to see how seriously the kids take these projects and get behind them. Their enthusiasm and excitement is inspiring.”

– Karla Waite, Senior Financial Analyst, Salt River Project

“This is exactly what our kids need. Many programs offer catchy phrases and slogans; Trendsetters offers real experiences.”

– Sean Gordy, Director of Cities & States, America’s Promise to Youth

“We feel very fortunate to have the Trendsetters clubs in Mesa schools. The kids really benefit from the organization, and individual clubs have a waiting list of kids wanting to get into the program. The demand is overwhelming.”

– Peggy Senn, Parent Education Specialist, Mesa Unified School District

“I think Trendsetters will help me in the future with my problems.”

– Aracely, Trendsetter

“I’ve observed our Trendsetters club making an enormous difference in these young lives. The children who have joined this club are redefining themselves as leaders.”

– Peggy Werner, Trendsetters Facilitator, Adams Elementary School